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Buy 2 sample packs get a sample pack free! We love giving back to our community of coffee lovers!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

On 11/10/2023, we at O&M Coffee are thrilled to offer an incredible deal as a tribute to our veterans! When you purchase 2 sample packs, get 1 sample pack free together! To improve it, we'll roast your coffee the same day and ship it out on orders placed before 8:00 PM EST. Please note that this offer is only available on Fridays. We are deeply moved by the service of those who have fought for our freedom, including the father of our owner, Christopher R. His father's dedication to the United States Airforce as a chief Master sergeant for over 30 years inspires us all. After retiring in 2003, he pursued his passion for business consulting, and in 2016, he created a new sector in his company for additive manufacturing. We are truly honored to know this great, hardworking man and salute all veterans who have kept our home safe from domestic and foreign threats.

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