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Weekday Flash Sale

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Flash Sale 12/12/23

-Chocolate Cover Cherry(Ground) (K Cups)

-KoKo Kenny (Ground) (K Cups)

-Latte Lanie (Ground) (K Cups)

-Christmas Bundle (ground)

-Christmas Bundle (K Cups)

-and more!

New Release 12/12/23

-Salted Caramel

-Cinnamon Vanilla

-Cinnamon caramel Vanilla

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2 comentarios

Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia
11 dic 2023

The is the best coffee ☕☕ I have ever had

Me gusta
11 dic 2023
Contestando a

We are glad you love it! we poor our hearts and souls into every package sent and every roast made. We love you everyone and we appreciate all the support every single person has given us! We are so humble that we can make and send our product and put smiles on everyone's face!

Me gusta
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